Laser Tattoo Removal

Permanent Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Our ND YAG laser emits a pulse of laser that is preferentially absorbed into certain colours of ink.

This light is too fast to be able to heat the tissues surrounding the ink and instead produces a “shock wave” effect that breaks the ink particles into smaller pieces. The body then recognises these particles as something to be removed and, using our body’s own natural elimination system, are taken out of your system and effectively removing the tattoo.

  High Powered Lasers are used to remove tattoo pigment from the skin

  Our qualified aesthetic professionals carry out the procedure and guide you through the healing process

  Many clients report almost no remnants after several sessions.


Who is NOT suitable for this treatment?

This treatment is not suited to those with compromised immune systems, lymph system disorders, a history of poor wound recovery or very dark skin as there’s a risk of hypo-pigmentation occurring.

It’s also advised that those that fall within the following list should not get their tattoos removed:

  • Cancer patients
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Heavy suntanning or use of sunbeds
  • Healing disorders (such as those caused by diabetes, Mellitus and lupus)
  • History of keloid scarring
  • Recent use of Roaccutane
  • Immune or lymphatic system disorder
How does the treatment feel?

Most patients describe the sensation as similar to a hot pinprick or the flick of an elastic band. It’s not exactly pleasant and can be uncomfortable but most people tolerate the treatment well.

Your skin will most likely be red and feel like it has a mild sunburn but this typically goes away after a few hours.

With certain inks, there may also be mild blistering that usually heals within a week.

What do I need to do afterwards?

Our wonderful team will give you a detailed list of instructions after each treatment to ensure that your recovery process is as pain-free as possible.

How many treatments will I need?

Unfortunately, this is impossible to predict due to the nature of the procedure. Each session will give us a better idea of how many more you’ll need. Some clients need as little as three treatments, while heavier inked areas will require several more.

Other factors, such as the tattoo colours, type of ink, age of the tattoo and your body’s response will determine how you react to the removal.

How much does it cost?

We are proud to offer our laser tattoo removal treatments at £49 a session for small tattoos. The price increases by £10 as the tattoo size increases.

During your FREE consultation, we will discuss the pricing and initial treatment process.

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