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High Frequency Acne Treatment

Do you suffer from spots, breakouts or acne? Worry no more with our effective high-frequency acne treatment.

Our acne treatment works by applying a low-level electrical current to the treatment area, the oscillating current generates activated oxygen that kills acne-causing bacteria from underneath the skin. Clinical tests of high frequency have proven to increase cell oxygenation, circulation and natural exfoliation, all of which helps to kill acne-causing bacteria.

  Kills the bacteria from underneath the skin

  Improves blood circulation and encourage cell renewal

  Great for cyst acne to reduce inflammation and heal the cysts faster

  Improves the condition of oily skin

The acne treatment works in two ways: firstly we will make direct contact with the electrode and the skin. This will create rapid oscillation, which in turn generates a thermal effect, dilating blood vessels and improving circulation – all of which eliminates bacteria faster.

Secondly, we will perform a technique called sparking. By making the electrodes pass through the skin without contact, a spark is produced, which combines with oxygen to create ozone. When introducing oxygen to the bacteria colony on the skin, the bacteria is killed, as it does not have enough carbon dioxide.

Who is suitable for an acne treatement?

This is a safe procedure that can be performed on both men and women from teens to adults that suffer from mild to moderate acne. It is also ideal for those suffering from body acne on the back, chest and arms (as well as others).

Who is NOT suitable for an acne treatment?

The following are not suitable for High-Frequency Acne treatments: Pregnant, cancer, acute infectious disease and fever, nausea, dysfunction or disorders of the nervous system, inflammatory disease, epilepsy, high or low blood pressureheart disease, pacemakers, haemophilia.

How long is a treatment?

Our acne treatment takes 45 minutes per session.

How many treatments are required?

We recommend having the acne treatments once every 2 weeks for a minimum of 6-8 sessions with maintenance sessions thereafter.

However, each person is different and our professional team will continue to consult with you throughout.

Are there any side effects?

This treatment is considered extremely safe. There is a minimal chance of side effects, however, all of them are relatively mild and short-term (skin irritation, for example).

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