Skin Tag Removal

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Skin Tag Removal Treatment

One of the most effective methods is advanced electrolysis. The skin tags will be cauterised using a minute electrolysis needle where a tiny current will be passed through to cauterise the skin tag, ensuring it doesn’t reappear.

There is minimal discomfort during treatment and this treatment does not cause scarring.

It’s unclear exactly what causes skin tags. Since they usually show up in skin folds, friction may play a role. They are made up of blood vessels and collagen surrounded by an outer layer of skin but are easily removed in a professional environment.

  Quick and easy procedure

  Low risk, accurate treatment

  Instant results

  Permanent results

We use the best equipment available, made by UK-based advanced electrolysis manufacturers.  All of our staff have been trained to the highest of standards, above and beyond the minimum levels needed to carry out skin tag removal.

Who is NOT suitable for skin tag removal?

This is not suitable for those with Hepatitis B (highly infectious), blood disorders such as Haemophilia, heart conditions, those taking blood thinners, high blood pressure (we can only treat you when it’s controlled or lowered), skin diseases and allergies (fungus infections, broken skin, active eczema or psoriasis), diabetese, sensitive skin, those using anti-coagulation drugs, pregnancy, keloid scarring or epilepsy.

How many skin tags can be removed?

We allocate 30 minutes per session and will try to remove as many skin tags as possible in that time. The amount is also dependent on the size of the skin tags – smaller is quicker to treat.

How does the treatment feel?

There will be a mild stinging sensation on the skin where the skin tag is cauterised. There might be residual discomfort for a few minutes after treatment. The are can also be slightly itchy for about 10 minutes after the skin tag removal.

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